Lake Niegocin,  lake is melt-type moraine, northern part of the shore occupy the buildings of the city of Giżycko. The coastline has a length of approx. 35 km. Vegetation covers over 15% of the lake bottom.

In the north Niegocin connects with Lake Kisajno (part of the lake Mamry) through channels. Those who want to sail on Kisajno can go two ways. The first is the eastern channel Gizycki leading through Giżycko. The second is through the Niegocin Canal to Lake Tajty and continue for a short canal beautiful mountain. On the south by a network of canals and lakes (Lake Side, Canal Kula, Lake Jagodne, Lake Szymoneckie (actually a bay Jagodnego), Channel Szymoński, Simon Canal Mioduńskie, Spite the Great Canal Grunwald, Tałtowisko, Channel Tałcki) you can reach the lake Talty and further to the lake Mikolajskie and Sniardwy.

On the northern shore of the lake is Giżycko, and on the west Wilkasy. By Niegocin navigable route runs from Gizycko to Mikolajki, Ruciane-Nida and Pisz. The two largest bays are treated as separate lakes. It is about Lake Side on the south-western shore (on the way to Thanksgiving) and Lake Niałk on the southeastern end. In the eastern part of the lake is the island Grajewska Kepa.

Around the lake are located many resorts and attractive tourist destinations such as: Giżycko, Wilkasy, Rydzewo, Grajwo, cutest and Strzelce.

Numerous marinas in Gizycko and in Wilkasy are the main focus of boaters sailing tourism. Over the Niegocin no wild corners, suitable for camping. The vast sheet of water allows the furnishing of the regatta in the summer, while in winter the frozen sheet Niegocin is a perfect place for iceboating. By the lake trail also runs cruises cruise ships.